Vertical Switched Interlocked Socket - With Backbox IP66

  • Interlocked socket-outlet for distribution boards.
  • Padlockable handle in open or closed position, with max 3 mm Ø padlock.
  • Best use for standard installations/applications.
  • Rated current from 16A up to 32A.
  • Operating voltage option from 110V up to 400V.
  • Thermoplastic body.
  • Supplied with backbox
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Part number Rated current Rated operating voltage Poles Clock Position Frequency IP Protection degree EAN Code
PM16/3400NFPB 16A 110V 2P+ 4h 50/60Hz IP66/IP67 8014950038169
PM16/3401NFPB 16A 230V 2P+ 6h 50/60Hz IP66/IP67 8014950038176
PM16/3405NFPB 16A 400V 3P+ 6h 50/60Hz IP66/IP67 8014950038183
PM16/3408NFPB 16A 400V 3P+N+ 6h 50/60Hz IP66/IP67 8014950038190
PM32/3400NFPB 32A 230V 2P+ 4h 50/60Hz IP66/IP67 8014950038206
PM32/3401NFPB 32A 230V 2P+ 6h 50/60Hz IP66/IP67 8014950038213
PM32/3405NFPB 32A 400V 3P+ 6h 50/60Hz IP66/IP67 8014950038220
PM32/3408NFPB 32A 400V 3P+N+ 6h 50/60Hz IP66/IP67 8014950038237
PM63/3401FPB 63A 230V 2P+ 6h 50/60Hz IP65 8014950035007
PM63/3405FPB 63A 400V 3P+ 6h 50/60Hz IP65 8014950035014
PM63/3408FPB 63A 400V 3P+N+ 6h 50/60Hz IP65 8014950035021
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