Emergency Rotary Isolators

  • Insulating material for wall-mounting standard applications.
  • Ensures the powering down (entire or partial) of the system, isolating it safely from any electrical power supply.
  • AC3-AC23A category and is also suitable for highly inductive loads.
  • Complete with terminal cover and padlockable handle in “0” position.
  • Rated current options from 16A up to 100A.
  • IP65 protection rating as per IEC/EN 60529.
  • IK08 impact resistance as per IEC/EN 62262.
  • Thermoplastic material.
Part number Poles Rated current Manufacturing material Dimensions EAN Code
208162 2P 16A Thermoplastic 158X121X126 mm 8014950014903
208163 3P 16A Thermoplastic 158X121X126 mm 8014950014910
208164 4P 16A Thermoplastic 158X121X126 mm 8014950014927
208253 3P 25A Thermoplastic 158X121X126 mm 8014950030309
208254 4P 25A Thermoplastic 158X121X126 mm 8014950030293
208322 2P 32A Thermoplastic 158X121X126 mm 8014950014934
208323 3P 32A Thermoplastic 158X121X126 mm 8014950014941
208324 4P 32A Thermoplastic 158X121X126 mm 8014950014958
208403 3P 40A Thermoplastic 250X158X138 mm 8014950030286
208404 4P 40A Thermoplastic 250X158X138 mm 8014950030279
208632 2P 63A Thermoplastic 250X158X138 mm 8014950014965
208633 3P 63A Thermoplastic 250X158X138 mm 8014950014972
208634 4P 63A Thermoplastic 250X158X138 mm 8014950014989
208103 3P 100A Thermoplastic 250X158X138 mm 8014950014880
208104 4P 100A Thermoplastic 250X158X138 mm 8014950014897
838712DA Low copper aluminium alloy (EN 44300) 870x875 mm-SIZE XXXL 8014950156009
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