Lewden launch High Performance IEC60309 Industrial Connections.

01 June 2021

The result of a design phase that lasted about three years, XCEE is a unique and a completely versatile product range that has taken IEC 60309 connections to the next level. Lewden, in association with Palazzoli, have launched XCEE that offers safety in performance, simplicity, versatility, suitability against all environmental risks, for all applications and configurations.

The Range:

The range consists of connections from 16A to 125A, from 3 to 5 poles. In addition to the roto-switches, the range is complemented with plugs and sockets that can also be combined, and can be integrated, if necessary, into the other panels and containers. The wide range offers plugs, sockets, rotary switches in mobile, panel and wall versions.

Offering a guaranteed simple fail-safe operation to the installers and end-users, XCEE is ideal even for harshest, corrosive and humid environments. Characterized by total safety guaranteed to people and installations, X-CEE offers IP69, the highest degree of protection. With an impact resistance (IK10) and a temperature range from -40°C to + 60 °C, XCEE can be used in any weather conditions.

Roto-switch – The unique feature:

Contrary to all the fixed industrial sockets, mobile industrial sockets are not equipped with safety devices to prevent direct contact with live receptacles. This lack puts untrained people at risk in areas powered by these products. To solve this significant problem, Palazzoli has acquired a new patent for a mechanical device called ‘roto-switch’ that powers the socket only when the plug is inserted.

X-CEE introduces a unique feature, the roto-switch, which is an industrial mobile socket, compliant with IEC60309-1 standard, incorporating a switch disconnector (AC-23A) with independent tripping and mechanical interlock integrated in a compact solution for safety purposes. A small technical jewel with which you can bring safety throughout the plant, and not only in cases where extensions are used, but also in confined places such as niches, manholes and work benches, thanks to panel and wall solutions.

Palazzoli's X-CEE mobile interlocked socket is a world premiere because it is the only socket equipped with a rotary switch that inhibits the access to live parts and prevents electric arcs and improper disconnections. It is a fail-safe accident prevention device. As the X-CEE, patented by Palazzoli, became available in the market since 2018, any other cable coupler is no longer usable.

The device consists of a safety ring, located centrally on the socket. Its operation is very simple, the plug is plugged into the unpowered socket, the safety ring is turned clockwise and the switch is automatically tripped. At the same time, the safety ring loads a spring which, released in an independent, calibrated manner closes the mobile contacts, guaranteeing safe, protected passage of energy. To remove the plug, the safety ring must be rotated counter clockwise, the switch will disconnect the socket, the interlock opens the mobile contacts cutting off the power enabling the plug to be pulled out in total safety. The safety ring device ensures that the contacts are triggered independently of the switch, opening or closing them automatically and simultaneously.

The versatility and compatibility of XCEE with connections from other manufacturers is one of the key features that sets the product apart from the competitors’ products that do not offer this flexibility of choice.  And then, do you hear the sound? X-CEE. It recalls important words: X-cellence, X-ceptional... and also X-treme: X-CEE is in fact ideal for even the toughest applications: from ice to fire, with an extreme operating temperature range.”

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Lewden launch High Performance IEC60309 Industrial Connections.

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