PRO Main Switch Consumer Units with Type 2 Surge Protection Round Knockouts

25 July 2023

     LEWDEN’s PRO Main Switch Consumer Units, now optimized with Type 2 Surge Protection. These superior consumer units, designed for both practicality and aesthetic appeal, are an essential part of any electrical installation.

     The PRO Main Switch Consumer Units represent a cutting-edge addition to LEWDEN's range. Complete with comprehensive circuit protection devices and user-friendly features, these units embody reliability and efficiency. One key feature is the combined AFDD & RCBO with switched neutral, a testament to our commitment to safety and top-quality performance.

     Designed with style and user convenience in mind, our PRO units showcase a clean, unobtrusive finish, courtesy of the wrap-around front cover. The wide opening allows for easy access and visibility, even when the consumer unit is mounted low. It provides the perfect space for affixing installation labels, contributing to its easy-to-install nature. Additionally, to further enhance user-friendliness, we've incorporated strong magnets that securely hold the lid of the consumer unit in place. This magnetic lid feature ensures effortless and convenient access to the unit's interior to label it easily.

     The solid construction of the PRO Main Switch Consumer Units features a durable, non-combustible steel enclosure finished in RAL9003 Signal white semi-gloss. The design also incorporates retained cover screws to prevent loss, upholding the reliability synonymous with the LEWDEN brand.

     Complete with a main switch and a Type 2 Surge Protection Kit, our consumer units emphasize LEWDEN's commitment to safety and top-notch performance. We've also incorporated extra wiring space into the design, providing easier cable management for installers. The inclusion of round knockouts in Lewden's Pro Range Consumer Unit offers unmatched versatility during installation. These pre-cut holes provide a seamless and hassle-free entry point for cables and conduits of varying sizes. The round knockouts ensure a precise fit, reducing the need for additional modifications or specialized tools. This flexibility saves valuable time and effort during installation, making it a preferred choice for electricians and installers.

     Importantly, our PRO Main Switch Consumer Units are designed in strict adherence to the new 18th Edition Amendment 2 Regulations, ensuring that our products not meet the industry standards. At LEWDEN, safety is our utmost priority, and we take pride in delivering products that guarantee the highest level of protection for end-users.

     In essence, LEWDEN's PRO Main Switch Consumer Units offer solutions for easy-to-install, stylish, and highly functional power distribution. With LEWDEN, you can rely on trusted and proven technology to safeguard your electrical systems efficiently and effectively.

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PRO Main Switch Consumer Units with Type 2 Surge Protection Round Knockouts

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