Pro-Range Dual Row Consumer Unit

27 October 2023
Lewden has significantly extended its PRO Range with the introduction of Dual Row Consumer Units that allow for up to 39 useable ways. This innovative addition offers an unparalleled blend of safety, performance, and practicality, making it an indispensable component of modern electrical installations.

The new units are exceptionally versatile, furnished with a robust 100A DP main switch and Type 2 surge protection. The inclusion of Type 2 surge protection is pivotal in safeguarding electrical systems against transient voltage spikes, thereby providing an added layer of security and peace of mind for end-users. Tailored to be fully compatible with Lewden RCBOs and AFDD RCBOs. The PRO Main Switch Consumer Units are built with a resilient, fire-resistant steel frame, coated in a RAL9003 Signal white semi-gloss. The inclusion of comb busbars and essential interconnecting cables streamlines the installation process, ensuring ease and efficiency. They offer ample cabling space, along with thoughtfully positioned neutral and earth bars above each row, allowing for tidy and efficient wiring.

The consumer units also come equipped with round cable entry knockouts on both top and bottom faces, as well as large rectangular rear knockouts in four strategic positions. This design is optimised for use with Lewden cable grommets, adding another layer of flexibility to the installation process. All these features culminate in a streamlined installation process, saving invaluable time and effort for electrical contractors and end users alike. Dual Row Consumer Units also features retained front cover screws, thereby eliminating the concern of misplacing essential components during the installation phase.

These units fulfil all requisite industry guidelines, providing dependable electrical safeguarding for end-users. The fresh additions to the LEWDEN PRO Range offer a balanced combination of user convenience and safety. This new product release further demonstrates Lewden's commitment to quality and reliability in the electrical sector.

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Pro-Range Dual Row Consumer Unit

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