Vertical Switched Interlocked Sockets With RCDs - Heavy Duty GRP

  • IP67 Ingress Protection Rating (Watertight)
  • Tais Thermosetting Heavy Duty GRP 
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Part number Rated current Rated operating voltage Poles IP Protection degree EAN Code
PMRCD16/401SINFPB 16A 230V 2P+ IP67 5026992000250
PMRCD32/401SINFPB 32A 230V 2P+ IP67 5026992000281
PMRCD63/401SINFPB 63A 230V 2P+ IP67 8014950055951
PMRCD16/405SINFPB 16A 400V~ 3P+ IP67 5026992000267
PMRCD32/405SINFPB 32A 400V~ 3P+ IP67 5026992000342
PMRCD63/405SINFPB 63A 400V~ 3P+ IP67 8014950055982
PMRCD16/408SINFPB 16A 400V~ 3P+N+ IP67 5026992000274
PMRCD32/408SINFPB 32A 400V~ 3P+N+ IP67 5026992000298
PMRCD63/408SINFPB 63A 400V~ 3P+N+ IP67 5026992000366
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