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Part number Rated current Modules Number Dimensions EAN Code
QFS-MX04M 100A 2+1 270x135x104mm (HWD) 5026992047903
QFS-MX08M 100A 6+1 270x210x104mm (HWD) 5026992047910
QFS-MX10M 100A 8+1 270x235x104mm (HWD) 5026992047927
QFS-MX12M 100A 10+1 270x280x104mm (HWD) 5026992047934
QFS-MX16M 100A 14+1 270x350x104mm (HWD) 5026992047941
QFS-MX20M 100A 19+1 270x440x105mm (HWD) 5026992047958
QFS-MX22MG 100A 20 268x438x103mm (HWD) 5026992047897
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