• Combined AFDD and RCBO
  • Provides Arc Fault protection alongside overcurrent, short circuit, residual current and over-voltage protection
  • Class A, 30mA RCD
  • Single module 18mm width device, fully interchangeable with Switched and un-switched Neutral RCBO’s, and single pole MCB’s
  • Provides LED fault identification on reset
  • Double Pole Switching for complete isolation in the event of a fault
  • Switched Neutral pole significantly reduces the installation and commissioning time
  • Available in current ratingsd from 6-40A
  • B curve overcurrent
  • 6kA short circuit breaking capacity
  • Suitable for TN & TT earthing systems
  • Conforms to BS EN62606 (AFDD) and BS EN61009-1 (RCBO)
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Part number Rated current Trip curve RCD Class Residual Current EAN Code
P04-B06/30/1PNA 6A B A 30mA 5026992046142
P04-B10/30/1PNA 10A B A 30mA 5026992046159
P04-B16/30/1PNA 16A B A 30mA 5026992046166
P04-B20/30/1PNA 20A B A 30mA 5026992046173
P04-B32/30/1PNA 32A B A 30mA 5026992046180
P04-B40/30/1PNA 40A B A 30mA 5026992046197
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