Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDD)

15 August 2023

What is an Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD)?

An AFDD is an advanced fire prevention solution that significantly reduces the risk of electrical fires by detecting and mitigating hazardous arc faults in electrical circuits. By continuously scanning for dangerous arc faults and swiftly disconnecting the electricity supply upon detection, AFDDs provide a crucial layer of protection.


The Integral Role of AFDDs

AFDDs are instrumental in enhancing fire safety protocols. By guarding against electrical fires triggered by arc faults, these devices safeguard lives and protect invaluable assets, making them an essential element in any fire prevention strategy.


Implementing BS7671:2018+A2:2022 Regulations with AFDDs

The BS7671:2018+A2:2022 regulations advocate for AFDD installations in facilities with sleeping accommodations, places at risk of fire due to the nature of processed or stored materials, areas with combustible construction materials, fire propagating structures, or places housing irreplaceable goods. With our AFDDs, compliance is made easy.


Understanding Arc Fault Detection: Why is it Critical?

Arc faults can emerge from various scenarios, such as damaged wiring, loose or corroded connections, and wire insulation penetration by nails or screws. These faults can generate intense heat, which can ignite surrounding materials and lead to an electrical fire. By identifying arc faults in their early stages and interrupting the power supply, AFDDs serve as a robust barrier against potential fires.

Unintentional arcing faults may occur due to poor installation, accidental damage to cables and equipment, or deterioration over time due to external factors. These can happen within the fixed wiring or on portable equipment connected to the fixed wiring system. Arc faults can be generated by situations like:

  • Trapped, damaged, or crushed cables
  • Cable damage during installation or usage
  • Damage to wire insulation
  • Rodent damage
  • Loose connections


The Functioning of AFDDs

Lewden's AFDDs use advanced microprocessor-based technology to continuously monitor your electrical circuit. They are designed to distinguish between "dangerous arcing" and "normal arcing" caused by the standard operation of equipment such as vacuum cleaners, drills, and other electrical appliances.

In case of a dangerous arc fault, AFDDs can identify the duration and irregularity of the arc waveform itself, distinguishing it from typical arcing. These devices then disconnect the supply to prevent potential electrical fires, adding an extra layer of protection to your electrical installation.


Lewden's P4 Combined AFDD RCBO – A Symbol of Quality

Designed for seamless integration within our range of distribution boards, this device combines a microprocessor-based AFDD with a 1P+ Switched Neutral RCBO. It's fully interchangeable with our range of 6kA single module MCBs and RCBOs, and suitable for use on TN-S, TN-C-S & TT network systems.

Notable features include:

Current ratings of 6-40A, incorporated within a single module width.

Incorporating a 30mA type A RCD and a 6kA MCB.

The switched Neutral pole makes it ideal for installations with TT Earthing Systems where all live conductors must be disconnected to achieve safe isolation (BS7671:2018 Regulation 462).

Upon an electrical fault, the P4 device trips. The LED will then flash in sequence upon re-closing, signifying the reason for the last break of the circuit.

For reassurance of safety and quality, the Lewden P4 Series Combined AFDD & RCBO has been independently laboratory tested and certified by Intertek. The device also carries the European safety 'S Mark', a voluntary certification scheme demonstrating that the product continually meets all relevant technical safety requirements.


Why Choose Lewden AFDDs?

Safety & Compliance: Lewden's AFDDs exceed the safety requirements outlined in the 18th edition wiring regulations (BS7671:2018+A2:2022), providing unmatched protection against electrical fires caused by arc faults.

  • Flexibility: With their application in both single and three-phase settings, Lewden AFDDs offer comprehensive protection against both series and parallel arc faults.
  • Durability: Lewden AFDDs, with their robust construction and cutting-edge technology, are designed for continuous monitoring and instant response to arc fault detection.
  • Guarantee: Lewden stands behind its products, offering a standard 2-year warranty on all AFDDs.
  • Easy Monitoring: Lewden AFDDs come equipped with visual indicators for easy monitoring of operational status.
Choose Lewden for reliable, comprehensive arc fault protection solutions. For more detailed information on each product, please click on the product links.
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Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDD)
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