Electric Car Charging Points Within Bendy Bollards

10 January 2020

In the early spring of 2018, we were approached by a customer seeking 37 electric car charging bollards for installation at a vehicle racing track in Kuwait. Each power distribution bollard required a design allowing for the connection of up to four EV charging points.

The fundamental part of the design specification was that the power distribution bollards must feature a flexible column, hence in the event of being hit by a car, it would not cause damage to the bollard or the ground area in which they are embedded.

Conducting research, we were unable to locate any existing product on the market that would achieve this specification.

Working in conjunction with an established safety bollard manufacturer, Lewden were able to successfully design and manufacture a set of power distribution bollards incorporating 148 EV charging points. The bollards comprised a heavy-duty rubber cylindrical base, allowing flexibility in any direction when pushed against with a force >200kg, immediately returning to its upright position afterwards.

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Electric Car Charging Points Within Bendy Bollards

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