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Lewden now own CGD and we do not have any problems fitting these two different brands in one consumer unit.

More than likely it is wired up incorrectly. The live and neutral supply to the unit is purely to energise the clock, a separate live needs to be connected to the switching side to provide a switched live output. Imagine the switch contacts like a standard 1 gang 2 way light switch on the wall.

Yes it has the 24VAC output required. 4VAC and 16VAC can be derived from the BT too by using the 2nd and 3rd terminal for 4VAC and between terminals 2 and 4 for 16VAC.

These are two completely different water ingress protection tests; the incremental digits usually cover all of the tests below it but when the second digit goes above 6 they are separate tests. So IP66 is totally sealed against dust and protected against crashing waves while IP67 is totally sealed against dust and protected against temporary immersion under water. Most Lewden products denote IP66/67 so they comply with both tests.

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