Metal Clad Fused Disconnector

  • Robust and wide IP65 Enclosures
  • Fully rated to AC-23A category - allows safe operation even with highly inductive loads (e.g. Motors, etc.)
  • Pad lockable and interlocked door
  • Powder coated mild steel enclosures with a wide space for comfortable wiring
Metal Clad Fused Disconnector
Part number Rated current Manufacturing material Protection degree Dimensions EAN Code
FIS324P 32A Steel IP65 300x250x150mm (HWD) 5026992040744
FIS634P 63A Steel IP65 400x300x150mm (HWD) 5026992040751
FIS804P 80A Steel IP65 400x300x150mm (HWD) 5026992040768
FIS63804P 80A Steel IP65 400x300x150mm (HWD) 5026992041239
FIS1004P 100A Steel IP65 500x300x150mm (HWD) 5026992040775
FIS1254P 125A Steel IP65 500x300x150mm (HWD) 5026992040782
FIS1001254P 125A Steel IP65 500x300x150mm (HWD) 5026992041246