Single Pole RCBOs

  • Designed and tested for use with Lewden branded distribution boards.
  • Residual current circuit breaker with integral overcurrent protection.
  • Class A.
  • Uni-directional.
  • Single module RCBOs are suitable for use in TN-S, TN-C-S, & TT network systems.
Product selector
Part number Rated current Trip curve RCD Class Residual Current EAN Code
RCBO-06/30/SPA 6A B A 30mA 5026992048658
RCBO-10/30/SPA 10A B A 30mA 5026992048665
RCBO-16/30/SPA 16A B A 30mA 5026992048672
RCBO-20/30/SPA 20A B A 30mA 5026992048689
RCBO-32/30/SPA 32A B A 30mA 5026992048696
RCBO-40/30/SPA 40A B A 30mA 5026992048702
RCBO-50/30/SPA 50A B A 30mA 5026992048719
RCBO-06/30/1M/CA 6A C A 30mA 5026992048726
RCBO-10/30/1M/CA 10A C A 30mA 5026992048733
RCBO-16/30/1M/CA 16A C A 30mA 5026992048740
RCBO-20/30/1M/CA 20A C A 30mA 5026992048757
RCBO-32/30/1M/CA 32A C A 30mA 5026992048764
RCBO-40/30/1M/CA 40A C A 30mA 5026992048771
RCBO-50/30/1M/CA 50A C A 30mA 5026992048788

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