Vertical Sockets - With RCDs

  • IP44/IP65/IP66/IP67 Ingress Protection Rating Options 
  • Thermoplastic Manufacturing Material
Vertical Sockets - With RCDs
Part Number Rated current Rated operating voltage Poles Protection degree EAN Code
PMRCD16/300TT 16A 110V 2P+ IP44 5026992040522
PMRCD32/300TT 32A 110V 2P+ IP44 5026992040584
PMRCD16/301TT 16A 230V 2P+ IP44 5026992040799
PMRCD32/301TT 32A 230V 2P+ IP44 5026992040812
PMRCD16/305TT 16A 400V~ 3P+ IP44 5026992040935
PMRCD32/305TT 32A 400V 3P+ IP44 5026992040959
PMRCD16/308TT 16A 400V 3P+N+ IP44 5026992040997
PMRCD32/308TT 32A 400V~ 3P+N+ IP44 5026992041000
PMRCD16/400TT 16A 110V 2P+ IP65 5026992041017
PMRCD32/400TT 32A 110V 2P+ IP66 5026992041024
PMRCD16/401TT 16A 230V 2P+ IP67 5026992041154
PMRCD32/401TT 32A 230V 2P+ IP66/IP67 5026992041161
PMRCD16/405TT 16A 400V 3P+ IP66 5026992041185
PMRCD32/405TT 32A 400V 3P+ IP66/IP67 5026992041192
PMRCD16/408TT 16A 400V~ 3P+N+ IP66 5026992041208
PMRCD32/408TT 32A 400V 3P+N+ IP65 5026992041215