TAIS-EX Series

  • Solutions For Explosive Atmospheres 
  • Designed & Manufactured To Avoid The Risk Of Ignition 
  • Tested In Compliance With Standards EN 60079-0
  • RAL 9005 Black Colour
Part number Protection degree Dimensions Dissipable Power
532200EX IP66 125X185X125 mm 18W
532201EX IP66 190X18X125 mm 19W
532202EX IP66 250X185X125 mm 23W
532203EX IP66 290X185X125 mm 24W
532204EX IP66 380X185X125 mm 25W
532035EX IP66 92X92X68 mm 8W
532045EX IP66 125X92X68 mm 10W
532055EX IP66 185X92X68 mm 12W
532116EX IP66 125X125X100 mm 13W
532117EX IP66 185X125X100 mm 15W
532118EX IP66 250X125X100 mm 20W
532005EX IP66 92X92X100 mm 11W
532006EX IP66 125X92X100 mm 11W
532015EX IP66 185X92X100 mm 16W
532016EX IP66 125X125X125 mm 15W
532017EX IP66 185X125X125 mm 17W
532018EX IP66 250X125X125 mm 22W
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