CAM-EX Series - Aluminium

  • Solutions For Explosive Atmospheres 
  • Designed & Manufactured To Avoid The Risk Of Ignition 
  • Tested In Compliance With Standards EN 60079-0
  • RAL 9005 Black Colour
Part number Protection degree Rated current Rated operating voltage Frequency Poles
272141EX IP66/IP67 16A 500V~ 50/60Hz 2P
272142EX IP66/IP67 16A 500V~ 50/60Hz 3P
272143EX IP66/IP67 16A 500V~ 50/60Hz 4P
272144EX IP66/IP67 16A 500V~ 50/60Hz 6P
272241EX IP66/IP67 25A 500V~ 50/60Hz 2P
272242EX IP66/IP67 25A 500V~ 50/60Hz 3P
272243EX IP66/IP67 25A 500V~ 50/60Hz 4P
272244EX IP66/IP67 25A 500V~ 50/60Hz 6P
272301EX IP66/IP67 40A 500V~ 50/60Hz 2P
272302EX IP66/IP67 40A 500V~ 50/60Hz 3P
272303EX IP66/IP67 40A 500V~ 50/60Hz 4P
272304EX IP66/IP67 40A 500V~ 50/60Hz 6P
282402EX IP66/IP67 63A 500V~ 50/60Hz 3P
282403EX IP66/IP67 63A 500V~ 50/60Hz 4P
282404EX IP66/IP67 63A 500V~ 50/60Hz 6P
272146EX IP66/IP67 16A 400V~ 50/60Hz 3P
272147EX IP66/IP67 16A 400V~ 50/60Hz 4P
272246EX IP66/IP67 25A 400V~ 50/60Hz 3P
272247EX IP66/IP67 25A 400V~ 50/60Hz 4P
272306EX IP66/IP67 40A 400V~ 50/60Hz 3P
272307EX IP66/IP67 40A 400V~ 50/60Hz 4P
282406EX IP66/IP67 63A 400V~ 50/60Hz 3P
282407EX IP65 63A 400V~ 50/60Hz 4P
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