RCD-Protected Interlocked Socket Outlets

  • Industrial sockets 
  • Splash proof and watertight 
  • Simple to install 
  • Pre-assembled ready for use 
Part number Rated current Rated operating voltage Protection degree Dimensions EAN Code
PMRCD16/300SITT 16A 110V IP44 395x121.5x183.5 5026992035375
PMRCD32/300SITT 32A 110V IP44 395x121.5x183.5 5026992040980
PMRCD32/300SITT 32A 110V IP44 395x121.5x183.5 5026992040980
PMRCD16/301SITT 16A 230V IP44 395x121.5x183.5 5026992034613
PMRCD32/301SITT 32A 230V IP44 395x121.5x183.5 5026992049990
PMRCD16/305SITT 16A 400V~ IP44 395x121.5x183.5 5026992032176
PMRCD32/305SITT 32A 400V~ IP44 395x121.5x183.5 5026992035382
PMRCD16/308SITT 16A 400V~ IP44 395x121.5x183.5 5026992034408
PMRCD32/308SITT 32A 400V~ IP44 395x121.5x183.5 5026992032848
PMRCD16/400SITT 16A 110V IP66/IP67 395x121.5x183.5 5026992026304
PMRCD32/400SITT 32A 110V IP66/IP67 395x121.5x183.5 5026992040973
PMRCD16/401SITT 16A 230V IP66/IP67 395x121.5x183.5 5026992034583
PMRCD32/401SITT 32A 230V IP66/IP67 395x121.5x183.5 5026992034590
PMRCD16/405SITT 16A 400V~ IP66/IP67 395x121.5x183.5 5026992034644
PMRCD32/405SITT 32A 400V~ IP66/IP67 395x121.5x183.5 5026992034507
PMRCD16/408SITT 16A 400V~ IP66/IP67 395x121.5x183.5 5026992034484
PMRCD32/408SITT 32A 400V~ IP66/IP67 395x121.5x183.5 5026992033104
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