10kA RCBOs

  • Designed and tested for use with Lewden branded distribution boards
  • Residual current circuit breaker with integral overcurrent protection
  • Class AC & A
  • Single module RCBOs are suitable for use in TN-S,TN-C-S, & TT *network systems.
10kA RCBOs
Part Number Rated current Trip curve RCD Class EAN Code
RCBO10-06/30/1M/B 6A B AC 5026992047491
RCBO10-10/30/1M/B 10A B AC 5026992047507
RCBO10-13/30/1M/B 13A B AC 5026992047514
RCBO10-16/30/1M/B 16A B AC 5026992047521
RCBO10-20/30/1M/B 20A B AC 5026992047538
RCBO10-25/30/1M/B 25A B AC 5026992047545
RCBO10-32/30/1M/B 32A B AC 5026992047552
RCBO10-40/30/1M/B 40A B AC 5026992047569
RCBO10-06/30/1M/C 6A C AC 5026992047576
RCBO10-10/30/1M/C 10A C AC 5026992047583
RCBO10-13/30/1M/C 13A C AC 5026992047590
RCBO10-16/30/1M/C 16A C AC 5026992047606
RCBO10-20/30/1M/C 20A C AC 5026992047613
RCBO10-25/30/1M/C 25A C AC 5026992047620
RCBO10-32/30/1M/C 32A C AC 5026992047637
RCBO10-40/30/1M/C 40A C AC 5026992047644
RCBO10-06/30/1MBA 6A B A 5026992048603
RCBO10-10/30/1MBA 10A B A 5026992048603
RCBO10-16/30/1MBA 16A B A 5026992048603
RCBO10-20/30/1MBA 20A B A 5026992048603
RCBO10-25/30/1MBA 25A B A 5026992048603
RCBO10-32/30/1MBA 32A B A 5026992048603
RCBO10-40/30/1MBA 40A B A 5026992048603
RCBO10-45/30/1MBA 45A B A 5026992048603
RCBO10-06/30/1MCA 6A C A 5026992048603
RCBO10-10/30/1MCA 10A C A 5026992048603
RCBO10-16/30/1MCA 16A C A 5026992048603
RCBO10-20/30/1MCA 20A C A 5026992048603
RCBO10-25/30/1MCA 25A C A 5026992048603
RCBO10-32/30/1MCA 32A C A 5026992048603
RCBO10-40/30/1MCA 40A C A 5026992048603
RCBO10-45/30/1MCA 45A C A 5026992048603