6kA MCBs

  • Designed and tested for use with Lewden branded distribution boards
  • Thermal magnetic miniature circuit breaker
  • B & C type 
6kA MCBs
Part Number Trip curve Rated current EAN Code
G06-1B06 B 6A 5026992048153
G06-1B10 B 10A 5026992048160
G06-1B16 B 16A 5026992048177
G06-1B20 B 20A 5026992048184
G06-1B32 B 32A 5026992048191
G06-1B40 B 40A 5026992048207
G06-1B50 B 50A 5026992048214
G06-1C06 C 6A 5026992048221
G06-1C10 C 10A 5026992048238
G06-1C16 C 16A 5026992048245
G06-1C20 C 20A 5026992048252
G06-1C32 C 32A 5026992048269
G06-1C40 C 40A 5026992048276
G06-1C50 C 50A 5026992048283