Tais Cube

01 February 2022

Tais Cube designed in GRP thermosetting

for tough enclosure applications where space, ingress protection, quick installation and long service life is important, available with blind or transparent door.


TAIS Cube has a very high protection rating, IP66. This characteristic, certifi ed with a laboratory test, guarantees the product against strong water jets.

The steel frame allows to easily mount modular devices and cable trunkings and to comfortably wire everything on the bench, out of the board.
The wired frame can then be easily inserted inside through a click. The material it is made of guarantees robustness and durability over time.

The board special design makes this series of products very wide and spacious. Consequently the back plate and door, either blind or transparent, offer 15% of extra
space available if compared with similar sizes of the major competitors.

The door hinges, made of stainless steel and nickeled brass, are located far from the edges to avoid eventual breakings in case of falls or impacts.


Tais Cube flexible and cost effective solutions for industry, commerce, rail, power distribution, switching automation, control and monitoring.

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