topTER is a NEW generation of sockets for industrial environments that have been designed for SAFETY, RELIABILITY and DURABILITY.

For the installation of multiple socket outlets, Lewden’s modular topTER system will you save time and money. Over 80 popular configurations are available from stock which combine industrial, interlocked, domestic sockets, and data transmission.

You can specify a custom unit, still for a standard price. We design and build custom 1-offs or larger quantities. All you need to do is talk to us about your outline requirement. We do the rest:

Numerous circuits can be created with the minimum components due to the modular nature of the system where industrial, interlocked and civil sockets, including data transmissions, can be combined with absolute freedom. Just choose one of each of the following – enclosure back box, socket outlet and flange plate.

Over 80 popular configurations are available from stock and with short notice, pre-assembled off-site so that on-site work merely involves connecting the components to complete the installation with reduced time and installation costs.

Optimisation of interior spaces by leaving large areas of wiring, facilitates wiring and maintenance operations. For increased accessibility, all windowed enclosures have hinged fronts that can provide entry from either the right or left, providing access to the whole board.

The interlocked sockets are equipped with rear panel isolator switches AC3-AC23A which guarantees:

  • load break disconnect at nominal current
  • insulation in OFF position, thanks to safe distances between contacts
  • 10,000 switching cycles at full load
  • prevention – all control gear windows are fitted with locking device to avoid unauthorized access.

All interlocked sockets can be locked both at position 0 and 1.

All industrial sockets IEC60309 (the interlocked and non interlocked) can be equipped with additional micro switch contacts that allow a remote signaling of plug insertion.

The inside of the board has been designed to provide users with the freedom to install internal parts (DIN rail, equipotential bars etc.) without any need for additional drilling. Additionally, all of the boards can be set for mobile use with the simple addition of optional support bars, handles etc.

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