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15 November 2018


In compliance with the latest 18th Edition Wiring Regulations coming into effect on January 1st 2019, Lewden’s leading range of Caravan Hook up units has been upgraded to feature switched interlocked sockets that offer additional safety by preventing the socket contacts from being live when accessible.

Lewden’s modular topTER series of distribution boards is the ideal solution to meet this requirement, allowing the possibility to incorporate up to four 16A or 32A switched interlocked sockets within a single unit.  The flexible and robust enclosure design of the Caravan Hook up units allows either 16A or 32A switched interlocked sockets to be interchanged on the same fixing flange and wire harness, making it easy to upgrade additional sockets quickly at a later stage.

The interlocking arrangement is achieved mechanically via the socket outlet and an integral AC3-AC23A category isolator switch. The isolator switch cannot be selected to the ‘ON’ position unless a plug has first been inserted. It is then not possible to withdraw the plug from the outlet unless the isolator has first been selected to ‘OFF’, ensuring safe use of electricity in caravan / camping parks and similar locations.

For maximum safety, these units have an overall 100A 2P main switch protection and use the latest 16A and 32A 2P 30mA Type B 6kA RCBOs compliant to EN 61009.

Allowing safe electrical operation inside a caravan or motor home, these Caravan Hook up units offer many benefits including metered versions with MID certified 45A KWH meters for each socket to ensure accuracy for consumer billing purposes. Constructed from techno-polymer, the enclosure system is weatherproof to IP66/IP67 with a high resistance to UV rays and chemical agents and IK08 impact resistant. The units have smooth undrilled walls that allow custom cable entry position and  operating temperatures from -25°C to +50 ° C, with storage temperature ranging from -30°C to +70 °C. The circuit breaker access window is made from tough transparent polycarbonate and the pad is lockable.


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