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24 November 2016

Power Cluster

MO15602 – Characteristics

  • Enclosure 645x435x250(HxWxD) Wall Mountable Heavy Duty GRP
  • Ingress Protection IP66 – c/w 2x ¼ Turn Tri-Key Locks on Single Front Door.
  • Protection via IP65 Clear Polycarbonate Windows.
  • Single & Multi pole MCBs, RCBOs, RCDs as required / specified.
  • 1x Internally Mounted 230/110/24V 2KVA Transformer.
  • 1x400V 63A 5P IP67 Switch interlocked Socket (Front Mounted)
  • 1x230V 32A 3P IP67 Switch interlocked Socket (Front Mounted)
  • 1x110V 32A 3P IP67 Socket (Front Mounted)
  • 1x24V 16A 3P IP67 Socket (Front Mounted)
  • All Terminals, wiring & accessories supplied to complete.

(This style can be supplied with numerous combinations & qtys of equipment, available upon request)